How We Work

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BHF supports SMRU’s clinics along the Thailand-Myanmar border, providing free quality health care to marginalized populations living on both side of the border. The clinics operated by BHF’s volunteers from several countries include: medical doctors, nurses and medics. With focuses on TB, Malaria, maternal-child health and infectious diseases, operational units in Wang Pha and Mawker Thai clinics are comprised of general medicine, pediatrics, antenatal care clinic, labor and delivery ward, and special care for TB patients.

  • Mawker Thai Clinic and Mother and Child Health Clinic is located in Phob Pra District, south of Maesod. Marginal populations who gain services from Mawker Thai clinic come from Lay Gaw, Ta Au Hta, Tee Ther Lae and Wa Lay, small villages along the border in Karen state. Also labor migrants from Wa ley Thai, Yah paw KM 48 village in Phob Pra District, Thailand. Last year, there were 1,717 ANC patients registered at Mawrker Thai clinic. 
  • Wang Pha Mother and Child Health Clinic is located west of Mae Sot at Wang PHa sub-district. Wang Pha clinic provides health care to pregnant women, mother and child who come from Kyaut Pyar, Koh Ko section 1-4, Bo Tae and Htee War Klay, villages along the border in Karen state and Mae Charao and Wang Pha area in Thailand. With high quality of antenatal clinic and delivery facilities, Wang Pha Mother and Child Health clinic provides safe care in childbirth for more than 2,500 women per year.

Cooperate with Partners: BHF supports and joins activities with CBOs, NGOs, local Thai authority in Mae Sod, Mae Ramard and Pobpra District as well as KDHW in Karen State on several aspects related to health issues.