Tuberculosis Program


SMRU and BHF are collaborating to provide access to TB services to the most vulnerable, marginalized people from Myanmar displaced, migrant, cross border populations, hard to reach vulnerable groups.

  • TB Awareness Raising and TB Screening Activity 

    • Improving health education, case detection and access to TB diagnosis
  • TB clinic care along the border to provide easy access to migrants for treatment and consultation

    • TB Case management with tailored, patient-centred care approach for case holding, and provision of TB treatment for all TB (Drug Sensitive TB, Multi Drug Resistant-TB and Co-infected with TB/HIV)
    • TB Care and support for TB patient with transportation, accommodation, food, and psychosocial care of patients and care takers in residential TB center
    • Support of skilled Medical team, counselling team, and TB laboratory activities
  • 2 Countries collaboarations with partners for TB control and referral

    • Cooperation with the Mae Tao Clinic for TB services to the migrants and contribution to TB control activity for both countries National TB program with partnership with local Government hospitals of TAK province and Myawaddy Township.
    • Collaboration with Myawaddy National AIDS program at Government hospital to support all TB patients with HIV to get the treatment for AIDS disease.
    • Cross-border collaboration for continuation of care for all TB, TB/HIV patients